What is Boomtown - Summary

Boomtown/dsr score is a comparison tool (show me the best of the best suburbs and not just a good suburb) It's an objective method for selecting investment hotspots without relying on market hype or media headlines It's about finding suburbs with imminent capital growth; not telling people which suburbs are already growing well (e.g. Gladstone) DSR score measures the gap in supply and demand (it's this gap that determines capital growth) Boomtown shows you the trends as well. Important for monitoring locations for negative data trends where you have an existing property. The 8 statistics are grabbed from across multiple third party sources. Relying on say RP data alone or APM would only be giving you part of a much bigger picture. Research is very time consuming and often investors finish their research and it's now out of date. Boomtown cuts through the data and reduces the research time frame significantly. Each of the 8 statistics making up the score can be tailored to reflect an investment strategy like 'buy-renovate-sell' or 'buy and hold' etc. Boomtown helps pinpoint suburbs with optimum mix between rental yield and capital growth regardless of budget. A DSR Score of 24 implies a market is in theoretical balance. A DSR Score of between 30 and 40 is where the top 1% of proeprty hotspots are located. Too high a score e.g. 48 is a sellers market and the opposite for a low score. DSR Top 100 suburbs average 11.7% in 2010; market average was -1.84% Jeremy bought 7 properties that doubled in value in less than 3 years using the DSR Score and other techniques. Boomtown showcases some of Redwerks' research capabilities that are used by our partners to help investors find the top 1% of properties out 250,000 on the market today. Redwerks help time poor investors and their advisors find investment property at no cost to them (we are paid by the vendor if we include their property in our selection). We put each property through a 100 point rating system with 75 points being the cut-off. Few make it through. Hard for us (we have to look hard) but good for you.